I help people embrace the extraordinary invitation inherent in the challenges of these times.

  • Leaders developing the skillful means to successfully be the cause for good (More . . .)
  • Artists honing their creativity and furthering representation of their work (More . . .)
  • Organizations achieving greatness and becoming exceptional workplaces (More . . .)
  • Women forging the ability to enjoy life more and to fully make their contribution (More . . .)
  • Women reinventing themselves at mid-life and discovering how to shine at any age (More . . .)

When life calls you to develop more grace and more grit, I'm in your corner.  

Personal and Professional Development, Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Non-Profit Governance and Advancement, Career Development, Meaningful Retirement, Workshop and Retreat Facilitation

Women's Lives and Leadership, Artistry, Time Management for Creatives, Career Development, Parenting, Work/Life Balancing, Life’s Transitions, Integral Life Practice, Matters of Success, Matters of the Heart, Matters of the Spirit


Lyedie, You have been holding me so artfully and skillfully during our work together. I have been able to lean on your ever-readiness to accurately and intuitively sense when to intervene, listen, allow, and offer. The confidence I’ve built over these last nine months is far beyond what I could have imagined at the outset.   Bart de Bakker, Product Development, Shanghai, China

I hired Lyedie during a very difficult passage in my life. I was struggling with a deeply personal decision that was about to significantly impact my community.  The situation was complex and involved a multitude of world views. Her ability to quickly assess what was happening was brilliant; her intuitive and practical suggestions laid the tracks for me to transform my perspective and take bold action.  Not only did her input  lead me to the other side of a seemingly impossible dilemma, but I can truly say Lyedie helped me birth a part of myself that continues to serve me today.   Jeremy Youst, Founder/Director, Power of Breath Institute, Spofford, NH