I have a passion for the fullness of life. I love to work collaboratively with capable, influential, creative people who are working to be the cause of good in the world. 

Combining decades of love for the arts and social service with broad experience in human development, entrepreneurship, and non-profit organizations, I address the challenges of adapting to the complexities of our world. I offer a deeply felt and fully researched understanding of the phases of our lives, how we define and redefine success along the way and what contributes to confidence, creativity and our sense of connection. I offer a quiet appreciation and endeavor to clear a path for you to fulfill the promise of who you are. This is work I do well. It seems to make a difference in people’s lives. And I believe in it. 

If you are feeling the call to fulfilling your promise, then let's talk.


  • Certified Integral Master Coach™ from Integral Coaching Canada
  • Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Antioch University New England
  • Certified practitioner of Spiral Dynamics Integral
  •  The Ashland Institute Women's Retreat Faculty


Fiercely committed to my clients finding and forging their highest future, I help them hone the healthy interplay of truth, beauty and goodness more fully into their lives.  My approach to personal and professional development is rigorous and pragmatic. Matters of success, matters of the heart, and matters of spirit are all invited in to the work we do together.  I seek out and uncover the essence; the motivating force at play in the challenges and longings people bring to our work together.  This gives us a glimpse into the emerging future and informs our assessment of what is needed next.  As a coach and facilitator I bring a high level of engagement, an expansive intellect, and a caring heart. 

Source Code

I have a passion for research and I am currently drawing on a number of important bodies of work:

Integral Theory (Ken Wilber); Integral Coaching (Laura Divine & Joanne Hunt); Immunity to Change (Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey); The Enneagram ( Helen Palmer and Riso and Hudson); Integral Facilitation and Conflict Resolution (Diane Hamilton); Women's Leadership (The Ashland Institute and the Coming Into Your Own Retreat Faculty); Presencing and Theory U (Otto Scharmer); and Gareth Hill’s work on the polarities of the masculine and feminine. These influences combine to form an approach that:

  • is grounded in research on human development
  • is structured, systematic and flexible
  • challenges and supports clients on multiple levels
  • enables lasting and meaningful change
  • That said,I reach into my own life experience; the triumphs, the every day, and the catastrophes of selfhood, entrepeneurhsip, motherhood, sisterhood, partnership and colleagueship.

More About Me

My work in the world is to fulfill the promise of who I am and to help others to do the same. Vintage 1958, I stand proud as the mother of three strong and lovely daughters and now four freshly minted grandchildren.  I find great pleasure in hunting for edible mushrooms, dancing, creative writing, hiking, and an active yoga and meditation practice. In the summer I delight in paddle-boarding on the lakes near my home. I live with my youngest daughter, Madelin, and we enjoy community life in the Central New England river valley town of Walpole, New Hampshire USA.

Captured by Madelin on a sunset paddle.   

Captured by Madelin on a sunset paddle.