People seek my coaching services at heightened times in their lives, when they are facing unknown territory with high dificulty ratings of some kind when life is calling them to change personally, professionally, or both.  Having me in your corner as a coach enables you to gain the perspective you need during times of uncertainty, and the guidance to forge new, more resourceful, more sustainable, approaches to life and work.

Are you . . .

  • Challenged by a new phase of life?
  • Struggling with an inability to move forward?
  • Seeing old patterns continuing to repeat?
  • Losing touch with what is meaningful?
  • Experiencing unraveling relationships?
  • Longing to re-up and set new intentions?


  • Changing careers or employment?
  • Challenged by a new level of success?
  • Initiating new endeavors?
  • Inhabiting a new leadership role?
  • Juggling work and life ineffectively?
  • Navigating an environment of rapid change?

Would you like guidance and support to navigate this juncture in your work or personal life?  I can help you rekindle the spark and forge ahead into a bright future.

The coaching process unleashes a rich and exciting time, generally lasting anywhere from 6 to 12 months. During this time we meet every two weeks. You will discover a deeper understanding of your strengths, natural abilities, blind spots and vulnerabilities. You will learn to recognize your impact on people and how to more effectively live and work with them. Together, we will build a “tool kit” of best practices to forge a new and distinctly resourceful approach to overcoming the challenges you face – a wider and deeper view, new skills and capacities, new results.

I delight in using the methods of Integral Coaching® because it is the most effective way for a person to implement sustainable change that I’ve found in my many years in this field.


Lyedie embodies the essence of brilliance and down-to-earth wisdom. Her elegant coaching style, intuitive sensitivity and relevant homework practices helped me embed the changes I wanted to make in my life. I felt her at my back with open -hearted presence and always sharp as a tack as I stepped into my new way of being. I have a deep respect for the sound methods she uses to get results, they work! I am now living my life with more grace and less stress. If you have something you're ready to change in your life, put yourself in Lyedie’s capable hands.  

Helaine Iris, Path of Purpose, Spofford NH