Surprisingly powerful, Integral Coaching® provides a methodology and an intimate container to make profound and sustainable change in a person’s life. Integral Coaching’s elegant application of Integral Theory structures and informs my work but you don’t have to know all about it to reap the benefits of the methodology. A simple definition of an integral perspective is that it is balanced, comprehensive, interconnected, and whole. Some of my clients are eager to learn about Integral Theory, others barely care at all. The important thing is that it frames and expands my perspective on the challenge you bring so that I can confidently identify a path to assist you in fully realizing your topic. It is the most effective method for sustainable change I have yet found in my many years of working in this field.

The Integral Coaching method applies an innovative series of lenses through which we address the complexity unfolding in and around your topic. This Integral approach gives me the ability to direct your program and practice design into specific areas that you might not naturally incline toward, but will result in the natural achievement of the outcomes you long for. This coaching process embraces the fullness of life and the specific challenge you bring to the table. It invites you to enter into a time of acceleration to experience increased awareness about yourself and the way you relate to your challenge. Then, it offers practices targeted to the realization of your objectives.


What your Integral Coaching Program will involve:

Personal engagement in exercises and practices that are designed to give you traction on specific capacities we identify at the outset in the Coaching Program.

  • Self-observation exercises enable you to become more aware of the current way you approach your topic, what it allows for and what it limits. Through this awareness, you will be able to start shifting your habitual way of seeing and working.
  • Practices are “new doings” designed to develop the capacities you need to step into a new approach to your topic. These practices are structured and sequenced progressively to support reaching the developmental objectives as defined in the Coaching Program

Meeting with me every two - four weeks until the program is complete. During these conversations we will discuss what you are learning in your observation exercises and practices, build upon this learning, and determine the next steps.

  • Having a final meeting to formally complete the Coaching Program and prepare for going beyond the program.

What drives the Integral Coaching process is our desire (yours and mine) for full-bodied realization of your topic, your objective. You develop new ways of seeing yourself in relation to the topic and your unique capacities arise. New skills, habits, and methods are forged over the duration of the program that bring critical elements of your topic forward and into your life in ways that you can now only imagine.