Leadership requires that we inhabit our authority while refining our listening capacity, attuning ourselves to what is needed, and developing our presence. Leadership requires that we trust in our expertise while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the learning curve. It calls us to develop the confidence to gain and hold power, and stay connected to care in the process. It demands that we approach life with an everyday courage, constantly challenging our ability to stay aware, chart a purposeful course, and be grounded in goodness.


Peter Senge calls us all forward with these words, “You and I actually are the system. Our organizations and systems are a reflection of ourselves, our consciousness. Thus our transformation is essential.” Leadership at its best is powerful, caring, and creative.


Today’s leaders must dare greatly. Research has shown that successful leaders invariably have a cadre of carefully selected people at their side. As a leadership coach, I sit at the sides of business, community, and organizational leaders. My contribution is to assist them to more effectively build the competencies required to further their leadership capacity. I keep them company with rigorous and compassionate support to become their most powerful, caring, and creative authentic self.