The process of how I work is quite typical of other coaching methods.  What is rather unique, however, is my approach.  While there are many differentiating factors, here are three guiding principles that inform my methods:

  1. The answers are not always within you. Like you, the people I work with are intelligent, accomplished and resourceful.  If you could have addressed your coaching issue yourself by now, you probably would have.  The truth is that we grow and evolve through self-in-relation and that is part of the power of the client/coach relationship. As I see it my job is twofold: to tap the full extent of your existing wisdom, AND to help you think, feel, see and act in ways you may not have access to yet.
  2. You are unique, so I must design an approach to foster the very essence of who you are. I have never coached anyone like you and I never will again.  So if I am to help you change and thrive, I really have to “get” you in as many dimensions as possible.  I use a very comprehensive framework to understand you. This gives me quite a strong ability to see the nuances of who you are and to work in a way that really fits.
  3. Structure serves. Many coaches and clients fear that structuring the coaching process will cause a client to feel constrained or controlled.  But my consistent experience is that the right kind of structure helps my clients feel supported, respected and skillfully guided.  It keeps the coaching focused, directed and yet flexible, all of which enables you to experience real and tangible success.  As a result, you make the most of the significant investment you’ve made.   It’s a win for everyone.


Other Elements of My Approach

  • Proven and designed for you - I focus on your unique needs while drawing from established and leading-edge coaching methodologies.
  • Holistic - I work to develop your intellectual, emotional, physical and relational capacities as needed to meet your objectives.
  • Grounded in research - I make use of adult development theory, management and leadership theory and practice, women’s studies, somatic work, and integral theory.
  • Creative and fun -  I make carefully considered use of poetry, music, artistic expression of various kinds, and reflective writing when developing practices for you.
  • Comprehensive - I shed light on the most important dimensions of both your current challenges and desired outcomes, by means of comprehensive and on-going assessment.
  • Uncovers the unseen - We explore new possibilities for your life, as well as how you may be inadvertently sabotaging your success or happiness.
  • Sustainable resourceful change - I support you while you develop the confidence, creativity and sense of connection required to step in to the next chapter in your life-- to engage the world in a more empowered way.
  • Safe and incremental - By practicing in the safe container of the coaching relationship, and then testing your “new way” in the real world, you develop the “muscles” needed to see and act more resourcefully.